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Saint Mesrop Church

Saint Mesrop Church

Saint Mesrop is a Qajar era (1785–1925) church in Arak where the Armenian community of the city worships. Built in 1941, this church has a rectangular plan. The church has several lightwells and two entrances in the south and west. The bell tower is located across from the western entrance. The complex includes a clergy house, prayer hall and a congregation hall. Saint Mesrop Church was registered as a National Heritage Site in 2001. The favorable economic conditions in Arak and vicinity of Armenian villages of Lilian (from the Khomein environs), Mohajeran and Shazand in this area were among the factors of building this church. This church belongs to the followers of Jesus Christ (PBUH), the Protestant branch, which embraces Christian on Sundays.

The church plan is a rectangular acolyte shaped in size of 24.6 x 15.6 meters. It is located eastward to the west and consists of three parts: public, altar and two side chambers adjacent to the altar. In the center of the church, four octagonal columns bear part of the weight of the arches of the porch and the dome of the one-piece. The weight of other domes and vaults is transmitted on the graves. The altar has been created inside a large, spacious vault, which is about 1 meter taller than the church floor. In the sanctuary of this church, all the images of the holy Mary and his son Jesus Christ are beautifully seen, and the symbol of the crucifix is ​​seen above the painting. For the strength of the church building inside the walls and columns, wooden beams are embedded. The church's exterior facade is decorated with brick. The roof of the church relies on four columns connected by arches to each other and to the walls. The church has several skylights in four directions, with two entrances in the southern and western parts. The bell tower of the church is located in front of the western entrance.

In addition, they cherished the memory of Armenian martyrs throughout history as Armenian martyrs in the Iran_Iraq imposed war, with the construction and installation of a large chapel, on the southwest side of the yard. This church was registered on December 25, 2002, number 3533. Arak has another church called Ammanville, which was built in 1942 and belongs to the Protestant Armenians.

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