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Chaharfasl Museum

Chahar Fasl (Four Seasons) Museum:

Four Seasons Bathroom is one of the ancient relics of Arak city from late Qajar period. The building of the bathroom is one of the most beautiful architectural and tile works in Iran in recent centuries that is considered a unique monument in Iranian architecture for its special decorations. This bathroom is the only bathroom in the country that has a specific section for religious minorities. This invaluable monument was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 1356/8/10 with registration number 1339 and was reopened as the museum of archeological and anthropology in Arak in 1373 after the repairing and reconstruction operations. It receives many aficionados and tourists at the moment.

This museum displays features on the anthropological effects of the province. The structure of the museum, as a relic of the Qajar era is very interesting. The adornments of the said structure is extremely attractive.

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